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Help me help you! Download, fill out, and return this form to me so that I can learn your preferences more quickly.  This will mean fewer miscommunications and less frustration for both of us.

Adobe Reader is a program that reads PDF files.  In order to see all of the annotations that I send, you MUST have the most recent version of Adobe Reader.

CutePDF Writer is a program that can convert almost any type of file to a PDF file.  It is very easy to install and even easier to use!

To Download CutePDF to Your Computer:

1) Click the download link:

2) Click on “Free Download” and install the program by following the prompts.

3) It is not likely that you will have to restart your computer; however, if the computer prompts you to restart, do that in order for the changes to take effect.



To Use CutePDF and Convert a File to PDF:

1) In your software, with a document open, go to Print.


2) Where you select a printer, click the drop-down or scroll through to locate “CutePDF Writer” and select it.


3) Click Print.


4) When prompted, choose where to save the file on your computer.


5) Email me the newly created PDF file exactly the way you would any other file.

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