Freelance Proofreading and Copyediting


For Court Reporters and  Business Owners

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The integrity of your work and your peace of mind are my top priorities.


Allow me to free up your time!  I will use my eye for detail to polish your work to excellent standards so that you can pursue more work with your own clients, more time with your family, or other passions.


It is my job to make you look good.  Together we will build your reputation for clean, polished work.


A final set of eyes to make sure that everything you produce is exceptionally accurate every time.


Outsourcing to a professional allows you to focus more time on creating outstanding content and less time on details.


About Me

Thank you for visiting! My name is Lia, and I have a passion for words.  As a proud grammar and punctuation enthusiast, I am committed to helping you deliver your best work.


I hold a Bachelor of Accountancy from New Mexico State University (I am a detail-oriented person, whether with numbers or words!) and spent several years working in that field.  As a book-loving homeschool mother to four like-minded word lovers, I have spent over a decade teaching them grammar and polishing their writing skills all the way through high school. (It is also a regular topic at the dinner table -- we all love words!)  It is exciting for me to be able to use my career skill set to enhance their studies as well as use their studies to solidify my own knowledge. 


My skills include:

Planning and Organization




Good Communication

Problem Solving


Critical Thinking

Time Management


Download my resume here.


Lia M. Coppedge

Perfect Page Editorial, LLC



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